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Did you know that I teach food storage classes in Salt Lake County, Davis County, Utah County or Toolele area. If you are in need of someone to help out at a community preparedness fair, Relief Society meeting, or a neighborhood class on food storage, I would love to come and teach!

I just wanted to thank all of the wonderful ladies in Cedar Fort who came to my class tonight! I had so much fun teaching you how to make quick and easy bread. (Even if my dough hook on my mixer kept getting stuck.) You are a wonderful group of ladies, and I hope that you will start making bread! I also loved the discussion we had on Wheat. I want to encourage each of you to start using your wheat! I would love to come teach again sometime!

~Diana B.


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Free Printable Food Storage Inventory

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Print now, click here: Food Storage Inventory

Have you even wondered how much food storage you need for a year supply? Do you already have food storage, but wonder if you have enough? Have you wondered what types of foods can store for a long time?

Well, with my sweet husband (Dadintheburbs), we created a free Printable Food Storage Inventory for you! I have looked at different sites all across the internet to find a food storage calculator, or inventory sheet that I could use. I felt like many of them didn’t have what I needed, so I created my own. I hope you enjoy it!

Printable Food Storage Inventory


Here are some tips:

  • After you print this off, you can store it in sheet protectors. Use a white board marker to write all of your information directly on the sheet protectors. Then, it is easy to change numbers as you use items or add people to your family.
  • Write the date on your list and put this list in a safe place. You can make a food storage binder with this at the front, followed by recipes. You can store it with your recipe books in your kitchen. That way you always know where it is. If there is an emergency, you will know where to grab it.
  • You are welcome to print this off and use it to teach at community meetings, for church groups, in Relief Society meetings or anything for else! Feel free to share it around! I just ask that you please do not remove anything from it or use it for commercial use.
  • When you are trying to figure out how much food to store, think about how long you want your food storage to last for. Then, set a goal. Multiply the number of people in your household to find the number of pounds you will need for a 12 month supply. For a 3 month supply, simply divide the total pounds by 4.
  • The recommended amounts on these sheets are the absolute minimum amounts of food needed for one adult for one year. If you only store this much, honestly, you will be eating very small meals. Think about storing more. Remember that children grow up to be adults. Consider storing an adult supply for them.
  • On each page you will find a column for can size and weight. Put either the exact weight in this column, or an approximate weight. It is easy to count the number of cans or buckets and multiply to find out how many pounds you currently have.
  • Food storage is not just for emergencies. You can have milk, butter, eggs and other ingredients on hand at all times. When you run out of something, shop from your Home Store. You will never run out of these items again. As you build your Home Store, your family will love eating items from “food storage” on a daily basis. You will learn how easy it is to store what you eat and eat what you store.

Contact me at eatwhatyoustore@gmail.com for information on a Customized Food Planner that works in conjunction with this Food Storage Inventory.

Diana B.

Print now by clicking here: Food Storage Inventory

Make sure to share this with your friends! It’s always more fun to get prepared together!

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Shelf Reliance Black Friday Deals

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Shelf Reliance just announced their awesome black Friday Deals! As a consultant, you can check them out through my website. There are some HUGE discounts! http://eatwhatyoustore.shelfreliance.com/black-friday

The emergency food (survival food) is on for up to 50% off! Their food rotation systems are on for a great deal, and their awesome 72 hour kids or emergency packs are on sale next Friday. The best part is, you can shop from your seat online! You don’t even need to go out in the cold and fight the crowds on Black Friday! Just click to my website and you will be able to shop there!

ALL Thrive foods are on sale. The links below will show the current price. You can either order online, or contact me to pre-order your items. I’m seriously so excited for this sale! What a great way to get prepared at a discount!

Some to look forward to:

If you would like to pre-order your Black Friday items, I’m collecting orders now. Then, I will place them during the sale, so you get these AWESOME discounts! My number is 801-900-5838. Feel Free to call anytime or order!
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Zupa’s Grand Opening and Review

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Hello dear friends! I have had a wonderful week this week getting to know a few other bloggers that live here in Utah. On Monday night, my family went to the new Sugarhouse Zupas Cafe! I was so excited to be invited! This is one of my FAVORITE places to eat. In my opinion, their foods are the best around! If you go, I would recommend trying one of my favorites!

My kids love the healthy kids meal Zupas does. They get a grilled cheese sandwich, cup of soup, chicken fingers, or a cup of fruit. Both my girls love coming to Zupas with me! They love it so much! When I ask them where they would like to go to lunch, every time it is “Zupas!”

We also love the drink bar that Zupas has. You can add all kinds of flavoring to your soda . Strawberry coconut was a hit with my kids.
The entire menu at Zupas is so healthy! While my husband was loosing weight, we would eat out at Zupa’s a lot. He found that the BBQ Chicken Salad has less than 250 calories! And, it is delicious! So many of the items on their menu are low calorie and taste amazing!

But, I think my kids favorite thing to eat that night was the awesome desserts! My 4-year-old begged for the chocolate layer cake. She was so excited about it. I was excited about their awesome Mixed Berry Brulee. Talk about YUMMY! As we sat at our table, I set my tray down in front of the 4-year-old. As I went to get our drinks, she noticed my Brulee and snatched if off the tray.
By the time I was back, she had eaten my chocolate and half the berries on top! She ended up eating the entire thing. =) The sweetie didn’t eat much of the rest of her dinner. She just filled up on Brulee! My boys got the cheesecake and the chocolate cake. Both of which were gone before they ate their dinner, too!

If you go to the grand opening celebration of the Sugarhouse Cafe today or tomorrow, they are doing free desserts with every meal. (This is a great reason to go. Did I mention what a hit their desserts are?) They are also doing drawings all day tomorrow for $25 gift cards every 15 minutes! Wahoo! So, while you are out shopping tomorrow and getting ready for Christmas, stop by Zupas for a hot soup and yummy salad!
You can check out more information on their grand openings of the Sugarhouse Cafe and the one at Quarry Bend in Sandy, Utah.And, don’t forget to head on over to Facebook and like Cafe Zupas! www.Facebook.com/CafeZupas

Oh, one more thing! Zupas has an AWESOME bloggers cookbook. I was given one while I was at the Grand Opening. I was so excited! I have already tried the Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownie recipe that is in it. My family LOVED them! This would make a great Christmas gift!


Disclaimer: I did receive dinner for me and my family at Zupas and a Bloggers cookbook to take home. All opinions, pictures and rave reviews are my own. This truly is my favorite restaurant in Utah!

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A Walk in My Garden

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Three weeks ago, I wanted to share my beautiful garden with you. I took these photos, but I have been so busy, I haven’t uploaded them yet. We have since pulled everything out of the garden, and then the frosts came. I loved these photos, so I decided to still share them with you! I hope you enjoy! 

  We planted green peppers, yellow ones, and some hot cayenne peppers this year. Our peppers were bigger than they have ever been! We used them all summer. 


The kids were really excited about our pumpkins. The kids kept wondering why we planted only a few plants in our big garden box. By the end of the summer, the pumpkin vines were overflowing the box and spreading onto the grass. We ended up with enough pumpkins for each person in our family to have one. Plus, we gave a few to a neighbor. The kids are really excited to carve them in a few weeks. 

 I love sunflowers, and we had oodles of sunflowers this year! The yellow petals are so pretty. Each time I looked them in my garden, they made me smile!

  And, our tomatoes! We harvested so many pounds of tomatoes this year. The red ones were eaten right off the vine, turned into salsa, or homemade spaghetti sauce. I can’t wait to share my green tomato salsa recipe with you! We ended up with 24 quarts of this awesome salsa. I used non-hybrid seeds this year for some of my plants. I’m excited to use the seeds to start my plants for next year!

Lastly, a walk through my garden wouldn’t be complete without a photo of my girls! Our six chickens are laying 5-6 eggs a day. We have 3 Black Sex Links, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and one Plymouth Rock chicken.

Honestly, growing up I never thought I would have chickens. I never thought I would be shoveling “chicken gravy” as my kids call it. I now realize that watching chickens run around my yard is better than watching the television! It is funny how life changes and our attitudes change.

I hope you enjoyed a walk in my garden! (Even if it is a few weeks old.) Do you have a garden? If you have taken photos of it, please feel free to post a link in the comments below!

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We Have Eggs!

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When we got our chicken’s this spring, we knew that it would be a while before we got eggs. The saying goes: “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.” Wait…that’s not the right one! The one I mean goes: “Chicks in April means eggs in September.” When we got our chick’s in April, we were planning on getting eggs a month from now.

We have noticed our chickens nesting a lot lately. Everyday my husband checks the biggest of the bunch to see how far apart it’s hip bones are. (Yes, we admit, he gives well woman exams to our chickens daily.) Everything we have read says that when you can fit two fingers between the hip bones of your chicken, she is ready to lay. Well, the time has come!

This week when we opened our coop, and found two small eggs! One was a tiny yolk covered in a brown soft covering. The shell was so soft on the second one, that it broke. We did not eat either of them, but our girls are getting ready for what they will provide us with in the future…eggs, eggs and more eggs!

We hope that by fall we will be getting around 25 eggs a week. Honestly, when we got 6 chickens, we thought that maybe one would be a male, or one would die. We now know we have at least 2 hens. If there is a rooster in the rest of the bunch, my boys have great plans for the day he lands on our dinner table. One of my boys has even asked if he can be the first to eat a wing!

25 eggs is more than we will be able to eat. So, we will have our children sell them to earn a little money.

People ask us “Is it cheaper to have chickens and get eggs from them than buying them in the store?” The answer is definitely not. For us, we bought their coop, the chicks, a chick feeder, a second feeder, 2 water containers, light bulbs, a light fixture, and all their food. Even if we already had the coop, those girls eat so much!

We have loved having our chickens and raising them from chicks. Watching them grow, and having our kids help out with them has been so rewarding.  It just gets better and better to be a chicken farmer.

~Diana B. – Shelf Reliance Consultant

Purchase Powdered Eggs Here

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Book Review: Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

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I love canning. I love seeing all my cute little jars lined up on the counter when I am done. They are so pretty! It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Growing up my mother spent hours bottling peaches, salsa, and all kinds of jams. Then, during the winter we would eat what she preserved. I love following in her footsteps, knowing that I am preserving food for my family to eat later.

One of my favorite things I have is my Canning Bible. I don’t know what I would do without it! So the actual title of the awesome book is “Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.” But, to me it is my Canning Bible! You will find over 400 recipes on how to preserve all kinds of different things. Sometimes, I just look through the book to find recipes I would have never thought to make. Each recipe has been tested to make sure they are safe to use in your home. As long as you follow the instructions on the recipe, your food will be perfect for home canning!

I use this awesome book all the time! I have taken notes all over many of the pages, and I highlight things, too!

If you are new to canning, then the first recipe is perfect for you…Strawberry jam. The book gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make this easy, yummy recipe.

I love the recipes with the full color photos of items that you can make from the recipes in this book.

The index is my favorite part of the book. It has an alphabetical list of each main ingredient you might want to preserve. Then, under the name of the ingredient, it lists all the recipes for that ingredient! And, I love the altitude chart! Depending on where you live, you might need to adjust your boiling time. There is a list of cities and the altitude each of those cities is at! You don’t need to look up how high your city is!

Honestly, before I got this book, I had read another review of this book and heard it was a good book. When I bought it on Amazon, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was amazed at how much information there is in this book! Even though I have had it a few years, it seems like I find a new recipe every time I look in it! =) I  am so glad I purchased this book!

I love picking fruit to bottle, and canning homemade applesauce with my family. If you buy this book you will be amazed at what you can do for your family, too!

Have a great day today, and I can’t wait to share some of the fun things I have preserved in the past few weeks!

~Diana –Your Shelf Reliance Consultant

Misty at Your Own Home Store asked me to be a guest on her blog and do a review of this great book. So, everyone who came here from her blog, WELCOME! If you are one of my readers, go over and check out her awesome blog. She has so much information there.


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Thanks Your Thriving Family!

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Your Thriving Family

Sara, over at Your Thriving Family, is doing a giveaway for me right now. I am very grateful for her review she wrote of the Shelf Reliance foods she tried and the fact she is doing this giveaway! So, WELCOME everyone who has come over to my blog from there! I’m excited to have visit!

I apologize for not welcoming you all earlier. I have had sick kids this week. My boys both had strep throat and my sweet baby (okay, she is almost 4, but still my baby) had a double ear infection. Needless to say, I have had to be mom all week and help kids. On top of that, we found out my oldest is allergic to amoxicillin and broke out in hives all over his body. =(

Anyway, if you are here from Your Thriving Family, welcome! If you are one of my readers, go on over and enter the drawing! you have until Sunday to enter. Good luck!

~Diana B. – Your Shelf Reliance Consultant


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Eating Healthy and Losing weight

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By J.B.-

At my work, one of our print vendors brought in doughnuts for us to enjoy today. That’s hard for me, because I really love doughnuts. I have an unnatural love affair with doughnuts when it comes down to it really. Anyway, I went to the kitchen, cut off a piece of doughnut and began walking away. One of my co-workers looked at me and said, “That is why you are so thin.” I laughed, and went back to my desk. I spent the rest of the day smiling, and thinking of the person I was one year ago. I topped the scales at 305 pounds. That was 117 pounds ago.

I never thought of myself as fat, or overweight. I would stand in front of the mirror at the right angle, sucking in my gut lying to myself, and who I was. It’s only now when I look at old pictures of myself that I realize the delusion I was living with.

People often share their sympathies with me as they imagine how hard it must have been denying myself sugar smothered goodies and carb filled treats. They quickly get a little irked when I tell them how easy it was for me. Sure, there were times I wanted that extra-large piece of cake in a bowl of milk, chased by a few Oreo cookies (a regular snack of mine,) but for the most part, keeping sugar away from my mouth was easy. I just had to find out the reason I ate.

Around the world, you will find people who eat to survive. If they are lucky, they will have some extra food to share with friends and family. I was well past that point. I ate to survive, but I also ate when I was bored. I found myself bored quite a bit since my nightly activity included television and the couch. And no, excessive TV does not fight boredom, it breeds it.

Once I figured this out, I was able to make changes in my life. I found other things to do to occupy my time, which turned into a love of running, which in turn helps me in my long term goals of personal fitness.

Everybody has different reasons to eat. For some, it is an escape from pain, and for others it might be a lifelong habit formed as a child. Regardless of what that reason is, that is what must be solved in order to fight the fat. Imagine a doctor who prescribes pain-killers to solve the issue of a broken arm. While the pain goes away for a while, ultimately the arm is still broken.

So my message to the reader today is this. Sit down, and figure out why you eat. Be brutally honest with yourself, and give it some honest time and thought. Once you figure your reasons out, begin to solve those first. That may be hard. I was very fortunate in the fact that my reason for eating was laziness, and my addiction to television. Yours might be hard, and may require more help than you can give yourself. Don’t let this stop you, push on, and find that help. Remember, it’s all about small steps and determination. While weight loss is nice, it should not be the goal. Weight loss is a symptom of living a healthy lifestyle.

I hope to continue to share weekly messages on my wife’s blog detailing my continued journey to healthiness. I plan on sharing tips, stories and a few of my failures. So sign up, subscribe, invite friends, and hopefully my little story can inspire someone else to change their lifestyle.

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What Would You Do With Cherries?

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So, the youngin’s and I went to my mom-in-laws today. The cherries on her tree are perfectly ripe and ready to eat! Or, in my opinion ready to store! Grandma has a hot tub, so the kids swam and played while I picked.

And picked.

And picked!

Okay, so the kids picked a few, but they enjoyed swimming more. I didn’t mind today because we are so busy this summer, we won’t be able to visit grandma very much.  Continue reading »

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