Free Printable Food Storage Inventory

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Have you even wondered how much food storage you need for a year supply? Do you already have food storage, but wonder if you have enough? Have you wondered what types of foods can store for a long time?

Well, with my sweet husband (Dadintheburbs), we created a free Printable Food Storage Inventory for you! I have looked at different sites all across the internet to find a food storage calculator, or inventory sheet that I could use. I felt like many of them didn’t have what I needed, so I created my own. I hope you enjoy it!

Printable Food Storage Inventory


Here are some tips:

  • After you print this off, you can store it in sheet protectors. Use a white board marker to write all of your information directly on the sheet protectors. Then, it is easy to change numbers as you use items or add people to your family.
  • Write the date on your list and put this list in a safe place. You can make a food storage binder with this at the front, followed by recipes. You can store it with your recipe books in your kitchen. That way you always know where it is. If there is an emergency, you will know where to grab it.
  • You are welcome to print this off and use it to teach at community meetings, for church groups, in Relief Society meetings or anything for else! Feel free to share it around! I just ask that you please do not remove anything from it or use it for commercial use.
  • When you are trying to figure out how much food to store, think about how long you want your food storage to last for. Then, set a goal. Multiply the number of people in your household to find the number of pounds you will need for a 12 month supply. For a 3 month supply, simply divide the total pounds by 4.
  • The recommended amounts on these sheets are the absolute minimum amounts of food needed for one adult for one year. If you only store this much, honestly, you will be eating very small meals. Think about storing more. Remember that children grow up to be adults. Consider storing an adult supply for them.
  • On each page you will find a column for can size and weight. Put either the exact weight in this column, or an approximate weight. It is easy to count the number of cans or buckets and multiply to find out how many pounds you currently have.
  • Food storage is not just for emergencies. You can have milk, butter, eggs and other ingredients on hand at all times. When you run out of something, shop from your Home Store. You will never run out of these items again. As you build your Home Store, your family will love eating items from “food storage” on a daily basis. You will learn how easy it is to store what you eat and eat what you store.

Contact me at for information on a Customized Food Planner that works in conjunction with this Food Storage Inventory.

Diana B.

Print now by clicking here: Food Storage Inventory

Make sure to share this with your friends! It’s always more fun to get prepared together!

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